Everyone needs a Beary Special Bear

Beary Special Bears are one of a kind (OOAK) artist bears, lovingly handmade traditional style jointed bears.


Each Beary Special Bear has 5 moveable joints made with cotter pin joints, beautiful glass eyes and either an embroidered or a handmade polymer clay nose. (safety options are also available).


The most popular size is 12”-14", although we do make bears that go from 6" to 22", most bears are weighted in their bottoms/tummy and feet, so that they sit beautifully however you decide to display them.

Just some of our Beary Special Bears

As each bear is created they start to take on a personality of their own and only once they have received their eyes and nose, do we actually know if they are male or female.


All our bears come with a certificate of authenticity and proudly wear a token around their neck in the form of a bell, key, bow, scarf or even a pocketwatch.


Make no mistake these Beary Special Bears have a life of their own and can get upt to all kinds of mischief!

You should see what our 'Head Bear', Max gets up to, you can follow his adventures on his facebook page – Max Bear or on Max's Page on this website.

Hector the award winning Bear (Rabbit) at The Telford Teddy Bear Parade, October 27th 2013